Cleaning products

Find the ideal products to maintain your car from polishing putty, cleaning sprays, bumper grease, among many others.

Available by order. Contact us.
<transcy>Svitol ARX7609 Lubricant (400ml)</transcy>

Svitol ARX7609 Lubricant (400ml)

Price €13,90
<transcy>Svitol 6 in 1</transcy>

Svitol 6 in 1

Price €12,90
<transcy>Petronas PET7289 Tire Renewal (400ml)</transcy>

Petronas PET7289 Tire Renewal (400ml)

Price €14,90
<transcy>Petronas PET7290 Fast Wax (400ml)</transcy>

Petronas PET7290 Fast Wax (400ml)

Price €13,90
<transcy>Petronas PET7281 carpet cleaner (400ml)</transcy>

Petronas PET7281 carpet cleaner (400ml)

Price €14,90
<transcy>Petronas PET7286 Engine Cleaner (400ml)</transcy>

Petronas PET7286 Engine Cleaner (400ml)

Price €12,90
<transcy>Petronas PET7291 Dashboard Cleaner (500ml)</transcy>

Petronas PET7291 Dashboard Cleaner (500ml)

Price €12,90
<transcy>Petronas PET7283 window cleaner (400ml)</transcy>

Petronas PET7283 window cleaner (400ml)

Price €14,90