Divulgado calendário do Campeonato de Portugal de Ralis de Regularidade 2021

<transcy>Calendar of the 2021 Regularity Rally Championship of Portugal released</transcy>

Given the complicated situation in which we all live, it is always good to receive news that normality is getting closer and with it the possibility of enjoying activities that we love again.

Contributing to this is the latest release of the 2021 Portuguese Regularity Rally Championship. Apparently, the calendar may be subject to changes, although it is already possible to see which races are eligible for this exciting championship.

Date Proof
May 15th Rally Burning Ribbons
June 10/13 Rally Holy Queen
July 3rd 6th Rally Santa Joana - Ponto Urbano
September 4th IX Vila Da Sertã Historic Rally
October 16th 4th Rally Novas Torres Historic
20th November 2nd Portoflex Night Rally

Source: https://fpak.pt/calendario-pvt?term_node_tid_depth=566

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