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Fedima F4 205/50 R16

Fedima F4 205/50 R16

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The Fedima F4 tire is the brand's most comprehensive model for anyone looking for a dirt tire for competition.

It has several settings, depending on its intended use:

Club Sport

Economic variant. It is a hard compound tire, without reinforcements, so it is not suitable for high-level competition.


Like the Club Sport, the Green is made from a hard compound but in this case reinforced. Very wear-resistant, ideal for long raids like Panda Raid, Iberian Classic Raid or UniRaid.


Reinforced variant, medium compound.


Reinforced variant, extra-soft compound. Accelerated wear although compensated with excellent grip.


It is a hard compound when it is cold and soft when it is at the optimum temperature. It offers greater resistance than the Red variant due to the use of special rubbers, which also offer high grip.



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